Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bring On Spring!

It has officially been forever since I posted here. So I will try to make my active endeavors as short and sweet as possible. Suprisingly, I actually ran well at the Disney Princess Half. Offical time of 1:45.09. Pretty pleased. Especially considering my weekly mileage has dropped drastically and I have felt my runs are not that quality over that past month and a half. There are countless stories to tell from this trip. Despite the no sleep, delayed flights, and random hotel knockings, we had a good time. I felt like a kid all over again especially since I havent been to Disney World since I was a kid. After race results were posted, I did get to see myself running out of Cinderella's castle. I offically have the worst running side ever! Looking at myself, I am extremely suprised I can run as fast as I can. Guess Jason wasnt just picking on me, I really do run funny. I got Jason a GoPro for Valentine's Day. I have a feeling it is going to come in handy for me as well.

On to Ironman-now that the half is out of the way, I think I have decided not to do a spring marthon and focus solely on becoming a better cyclist (or a cyclist at all) and training effectively for the ironman. Long few weeks ahead. But now that I am healthy (at least for now) I am ready to hit this full on. Bring on spring and warm weather and longer daylight hours! Here is to happy training!

I just found out that I got into the Honey Hive Program (Honey Stinger). Woo Hoo for being a sponsored athlete by the best tasting products there are! (yes, i called myself sponsored, because technically I am :)). No, I am not getting loads of free gear and products, but I am getting a nice discount on the best tasting energy all natural products there are. As many of you know, I hate hate hate all energy gels, chews, etc. At least until I tried Honey Stinger products. I could seriously eat everything they make like candy. And it is good for you! I can testify that thier products rock. Before the race, I had the mint chocolate protein bar and a few smoothie energy chews. Yum! About mile 8 I had a ginsing honey gel. It tasted great and gave me that extra push to the finish line for a big PR! (First one in the half in a year!) Please please please go try thier products. I cant say enough good things!!

If anyone is up for a ride this weekend give me a shout. (or run-will likely run chasing snakes practice run on sat) happy thursday all!