Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boston Athletic Organization Announces Changes

So...BAA (Boston Athletic Assosiation) announces new standards. To sum it up-from September 24, 2010 until Boston 2012, race qualifying times remain the same. However, you will be allowed to register in waves. They faster you are, the quicker you get to register. Since I qualified with only about three minutes to spare, my group will be the last to get the chance to register. So who knows if there will be any spots left. Come 2013, standards will be lowered by five minutes for each age group and continued wave registration. For the most part, I am ok with these changes. I think it makes it more fair for everyone. Plus-i like a challenge :) My goal was to break 3:35, so I am ready for this upcoming to challenge!! I just hope they have some kind of system worked out to make it fair for all age groups. What happens to the 60 year old whom just qualified by only 10 seconds? Does he have to wait for the last wave to register just because he cant run a 2:30?? Only time will tell.

What I am not thrilled with is that over 20% of entrants are charity runners. First, let me say, I think it is great that people donate large amounts of money to charity. I for one plan to run my first race for charity this upcoming October at the Marine Corps Marathon. Hopefully, I will run for TAPS (tragedy assistance program for surviors) in memory of Senior Airman Benjamen White whom gave his life for his country. (I will not forgot). I will raise money and proudly run for in his memory.

However, as far as Boston is concerned, I think one should have to qualify for it. (Sorry, it is my opinion-if you dont like it, quit reading my blog). Reason being, the race was begun and founded upon the fact that you must qualify for it. It is a prestigous race and is known as the end all be all of marathons. It is all of our ultimate running goals. I admit, i want one of thsoe blue jackets with yellow lettering that says "Boston Finisher". But...I want to earn it by quallifying for it. The problem with charity slots is that you have to typically donate astronomical amounts of money. Another issue I have is that people can get in by writing essays, knowing the right people, or being on the biggest loser. What about the rest of us who work our asses off to qualify????? Just doesnt seem fair to me. I would be highly pissed off if Kona Ironman allowed charity entrants. One should earn it. Just saying.

Now that I am off that soap box, I will give you a brief training update. Being sick last nearly two weekends ago really took it out of me. So I was slow getting back at it. However, I was able to complete a 12 miler on Saturday at an 8:50 pace on the creeper. I will take it! Sunday, I complete a long ride...approx an 1:35 minutes with Jamie and Tony Williams as well as Jason. I was SLOW!!! I blamed it on the wind ;). I think i averaged right about 14 mph. I will get faster! I will get faster! (say it with me!)

Monday, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with my Valentine-Jason bike shopping in Asheville. And I have now purchased to come soon :).

Tuesday I completed a difficult speed workout. 2 mile warm up followed by 10 400 meter repeats! I averaged a 1:33 pace. Pretty good for me. Finished up with a slow cool down -about 2 miles. As always, it is such fun to spend time with my running family. I love the encouragement and uplift I get from them! Thanks everyone!

Today, I went to Master's Swim. Interestingly enough, we worked on the flip turn. Flip Turn=1, Me=0. haha. In all seriousness, I think I will get better. They say, practice makes perfect. This evening, I completed a 45 minute run with 5.25 miles. I am already looking forward to spin class in morning and a foot rx group run. Happy training to all!

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