Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Back...

Today marked the return of speed work outs. And what a rude awakening it was. Despite building miles and endrance, speed work has been non existant. We began with a lesson on taking water during races. Thanks to Allison and Steve, good tips and advice were shared. Example: if cup is being handed on left side, take with your left hand. Do NOT reach across your body! Also, pinch the cup to drink so it does not fly up your nose. Helpful tips to use when racing.

The workout today consisted of 5 x 400 meters with a 90 second rest break. 400 splits were- 1:26, 1:28, 1:28, 1:34, 1:35. Defenitly tired towards the end. Although speed work is likely my least favorite workout of the week, I find it one of the most rewarding. Not to mention the fact that I like seeing my race times improve :)

Tommorrow is my long day at work. First-meeting at Gentiva, home health patients, and then pediatric clinic. Not sure what workouts will consist of. I plan on going to master's swim in the morning and then...possibly a short run tommrrow evening? Then again, maybe a rest after work might be good.

I read something in a book that challenged me to do workouts in the am for 21 days. Ugh. Who wants to get up at 530 for 21 days????? But...there is something to getting it over with in the am. Hmmmm...just a thought.


  1. Jenna, that was in my Be Iron Fit book to... workout early for 21 days and supposedly you're hooked??? Ahh!!! Not so sure about that, but I can say that coming home tonight and resting after work was nice! Gonna try to hit it early again tomorrow! :-)

  2. I am definitely jealous of the tips and speedwork with FootRx! Keep me updated on all you learn! :)

    I've done am workouts before and it is incredibly nice to be able to have it over with and not have to worry about finding time to work out later so I think it is definitely worth a try if you can get to bed early at night. Just my 2 cents...