Monday, January 31, 2011


Absolutely beautiful out! I love this weather. Although I am pretty sure it is just a teaser. Something tells me we have plenty of cold weather left until spring. Until then, I am going to enjoy every single second of this weather!

This morning, I had Master's Swim practice. Today, was butterfly day. Oh the joy! I must point out that it took me forever to be able to swim freestyle comfortably and feel somewhat decent at it. Introduce me to a new stroke...(insert big GROAN). The dolphin kick drill about did me in. However, we then added arms. Strangely, I found myself enjoying it and not being too bad considering it was my first day swimming fly. Kind of exilerating to learn something new. And yes, GASP, I said i enjoyed learning a new swim stroke :).

After I got off, I put on shorts and a light long sleeve shirt and went for a run. Started at Wellness Center and went out part of Foot Rx Loop and back for a total of 7. First half of run, I a ran reasonably well. Second half...not so much. I think I get a mental block when I have to turn around and come back. Despite my slower miles in the middle of my run I finished out with an 8:26 pace. I will take that.

Before I started this post tonight, I logged onto facebook and saw that FootRx is resuming speed work tm night. (5:30 at Science Hill Track) As much as I HATE speed work, it has really helped me drop my times in 5k, 10k, halfs, and fulls. Now, hopefully it will help me with my endurance endeaver of the Ironman.

I am going to deligently work on getting more sleep and trying to eat better. (I am notorious for sleeping little and eating terribly). Help keep me accountable!

PS-I feel like a small child, I can hardly contain my excitement for Disney with my girls!!!!

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  1. I'm impressed with your 8:26 7 miler! That's awesome. I don't know what your norm is but I think I would jump for joy with that pace. Maybe one day...

    Yay for Disney!!!