Friday, January 28, 2011

Officially Registered

As in of Wed night, I became registered for the Ironman. Right now, I have lots of mixed emotions. I am incredibly humbled by the distance. I am excited for the opportunity to train and complete the event with some of my favorite workout people! I am also sacred to death. I realize I have a tremendous amount of training to do over the next six months. Want to help? Encourage me. Offer to run, ride, or swim with me. Those are my loves. If you ask to go with me or invite me to go with you, I would gladly accept.

I am very thankful for thsoe people whom have encouraged me and pushed me into signing up. Jamie and Tony Williams have been explained my lack there of cycling skills. Yet still, they have advocated and cheered me into registering. I am very much looking forward to training with Jamie and learning from her. Her enthusiasm definetly rubbed off on me. From day one, Rachel Monderer has believed in me. I ran in to her at the gym Wed night and she matter of factly said, "I know you can do it." So, with her vote of confidence-I went for it. I also need to thank Jason Lewis, my other half, for the reality check. I know he will be behind me the whole way-keeping my training in check. And of course, Jamie Mains, my faithful running/training parter and bestest whom believes in me in all areas of live.

Quick trianing update:

Wed- am: Master's Swim endurance workout consisting of freestyle and backstroke. pm: 1 hour on spin bike set at random hill level 11 with an average of 17.01 followed by a treadmill run of 3 miles in 26 flat. First brick workout of many to come.

Thursday- Easy 5 at FootRx Group run. Ran slow in preparation for war party 10k on Saturday. Averaged an 8:40 pace.

Friday-Master's Swim with focus on speed 12 25 meter sprint repeats on 40 second intervals. Followed by 75 build and then 100 build. Ended with 6  25 meter sprints on 100. Including warm up and cool down 1700 meters

Tommorrow is War Party 10K. Do not really feel race ready...We shall see.

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