Monday, January 24, 2011

Another week...

Woke up this morning with more snow. Boo. I am over it. I am ready for spring and sweat! Saturday I decided to run long, alone. I wasnt sure how much time I would have Sunday so I figured it was best to get it over with. I left from the Wellness Center and headed out towards the hospital where I made I right onto markey. I ran down past the Down Home and came back up through VA and to finish with the last 4 miles of the Foot Rx Loop. Needless to say, it was an intense hilly run. I averaged about an 8:50 pace. Stopped for water at the Shell station around mile 9. For me, it felt slow. Even though I know it was still a bit fast for long runs, it is still hard for me to get in the mind set to run SLOW. I have read and memorized Hal Higdon's plan. Therefore, I know the importance of the Long Slow Distance (LSD). But doing it and feeling good about it is something else...Anyhow, I finished it.

Sunday, after church, I met Jamie Mains, Jamie Williams, and Tyler Ramey in Kingsport to run a recovery run. Beautiful day, around 40 degrees with sunshine! We ran the crazy 8's course at about a 9 min pace. Actually felt pretty good. It was nice to run with new running friends. I find it fun to see other people's running energy and love. It makes me smile and gives me a new found love for the sport.

Today, thus far, I have made it to my Master's Swim class. We focused on drills for the back stroke. My shoulders are shot as are my legs from all the flutter kicking. Even though it is early, I have truly come to love my swim class. Nearly 8 months ago I couldnt swim a length of a pool. Now, I can swim 2 miles. Crazy. Time to get ready for work...

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