Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 days...and counting.

"It is not a successful climb unless you enjoy the journey." ~Dan Benson

I have enjoyed my journey to say the least. Tonight, I am thankful Jamie Williams whom rode with me and let me talk. Good advice, from a good friend. How I would have made this journey without her I do not know. Things I learned tonight: female brand of dez nuts is slightly uncomfortable. I did not enjoy the "warming/cooling" sensation. These things should come with a warning! Thankfully, I had the insight to try it tonight before IM. I could have seen that being a potentially dangerous 112 mile ride. Or uncomfortable at least. :) Oh...and Jill Kearns, we missed you! I am slightly jealous that you are going on a cruise, but cant wait to hear all about it! come home soon!

Taper mode is really quite discerning. We only had an hour ride to do today and I felt lazy.Worst part is, I still want to eat my arm off. Shouldnt I be wanting to eat less, not more? I am already stressing about this being over. Thankfully, I have three new goals 1. Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) 2. Train with Dustin Mohr @ Get Mohr Fit 3. And cycle cross! all of which I am very excited about :)

Lastly, big shout out to my bff Jamie Mains. Happy birthday buddy!!!! I had fun with you tonight and enjoyed our talk. You are special. Love you. Mean it.

6 am swim comes early. Thank you Glenn for being my constant alarm clock, even though I often hit snooze :)

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