Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12 days and counting

Tonight, my dear training partners Alan, Kathy, Jamie, Jason, Gretchen, Scott, and myself got a nice long swim in. We completed 2.3 miles. Shew. Exhausting. But...we swam great. I actually felt pretty comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I was tired at the end and ready to be out of the water. But all in all, felt good. Two things I learned tonight-i was hungry a mile into swim (will carry a gel in IM) and dizzy when getting out of the water. I think I will take my time in T1. Jason and I got a 3.5 mile run in after. Have I mentioned that this nice cool weather in the evenings makes me all giddy inside?????? I cant wait for fall.

I Will...
I will be rested~I will be strong~I will be excited~I will be confident as I hit the water~I will have smooth transitions~I will pace myself~I will eat~I will drink~I will sweat~I will not run out of fuel~I will stay loose and relaxed~I will take each hill one at a time~I will run a steady and consistent marathon~I will think of my family~I will remember all the hard work I have done to prepare for this day~I will not break down~I will look up and smile~I will not worry~I will not be alone~I will conquer the challenges I will face throughout the day~I will have courage~I will be proud of my accomplishments~I will encourage those around me~I will think positively~I will remember to take it one mile at a time~I will challenge myself~I will give it my all~I will enjoy the day~I will remember the day~I will finish 140.6 with a smile.~ I will be an IRONMAN

Ford Louisville Ironman August 28, 2011

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